Tutorial:How to setup/install gateway 3ds flashcard with omega 2.3b firmware

Like our previous post stated, gateway 3ds team released the newest omega 2.3b firmware and bring back their game compatibility back to 100% . Gateway 3ds is the great team who released the world’s first working 3ds flashcart, and it is now the first and only team to add support for the latest games and applications that make use of the new 7.x and 8.x encryption. This guide will show you how to stepup and install gateway 3ds with the latest omega 2.3b firmware.

Required items:
Gateway 3ds flashcard (Best and reliable place to buy gateway 3ds card )
Two MicroSD cards
MicroSD card reader/adapter
Nintendo 3DS (with firmware v4.1-4.5)


Step 1. Insert the one of the Micro SD cards into the slot of the SD card adapter/reader. Insert the adapter card with the inserted Micro SD card into the SD card port on the computer/laptop. Format the microsd card. And download the latest gateway 3ds omega v2.3b kernel from here.

Step 2. Unzip the “gateway_omega_v2.3_private_beta.rar”


Step 3. Double-click “gateway_omega_v2.3_private_beta” folder and find “Blue Card (R4i)” folder


Step 4. Double-click “Blue Card (R4i)” , select all the files and folders and copy them to the the root of your first microsd card.

Step 5. Disconnect the microsd card reader from your PC,  remove the Micro SD card from the SD card adapter, then insert it into the Gateway 3ds blue card, and insert it to the Nintendo 3ds console.


Step 6. Boot up the console, and click the icon


Step 7. Boot into the gateway 3ds mode as below:


Step 8. Press home button to back to the home menu


Step 9.Copy the Launcher.dat (you can find the file under gateway 3ds 2.3b\gateway_omega_v2.3_private_beta\GW_OMEGA_2.3_PRIVATE_BETA) into the root of your SD card which comes with your Nintendo 3ds console.


Step 10. Click Setting-> other setting -> profile-> Nintendo DS profile


Step 11. Download the 3ds games into the root of another microsd card, and insert it to the gateway 3ds red card.


Step 11. Press “Select” button to choose the game you want to play. And press A to start