Step-by-step guide to playing homebrew 3ds games by using Gateway 3DS

Gateway 3ds flashcart is nowadays one of the most popular and reputable 3ds flashcarts. It is also pretty much the only one that’s recommendable if you want to play 3ds games or homebrews on your n3ds handheld with a flashcart. And yeah, you will be able to run the hottest game super smash brothers, pokemon xy etc. This step-by-step guide will help you learn about what is gateway 3ds cart, how to run homebrew 3ds games on it, where to buy gateway 3ds and more.

Things You Will Need
Gateway 3DS Flashcart
2 × MicroSD Card
MicroSD Card Reader
SD Card

Step 1. You’ll need to get your hands on a gateway 3ds flashcard first, r4is is one of the most reliable US based official reseller, also the best place to buy gateway 3ds. Format your two mirosd cards and sd card,  but don’t forget to back up all the contents if you have something important on the MicroSD or SD card.

Step 2. In our downloads section you’ll see the latest versions of the gateway 3ds firmware. Currently, the newest gateway 3ds firmware is omega v2.6 beta, you can download it from here. Once you have it downloaded, unzip the omega v2.6 firmware with the free program such as 7zip or winrar.


Step 3. Go to “GW_OMEGA_2.6″ → “Blue Card (R4i)”, copy and paste all the contents to the root of the first microsd card, there will be 5 files as below


Step 4. Go to “GW_OMEGA_2.6″ → “GW_OMEGA_2.6″ and put the “Launcher.dat” file to the SD card root

Step 5. Put the 3ds games pokomon ruby sapphire and homebrew 3ds games to the root of the second microsd card


Step 6 . Insert the first microsd card to the gateway blue card, plug the blue card to n3ds handheld

P1020151 P1020193

Step 7.  Power on your N3DS and click the icon as blew


Step 8. Follow the step by step guide below to boot into gateway mode, press “A” button to exit and wait for one or two seconds

P1020168 P1020169 P1020170 P1020171

Step 9. Go to home menu. Insert the SD card with launcher.dat file  to your N3DS

Step 10. Go to Setting-> other setting -> profile-> Nintendo DS profile, and it will take you to the gateway omega menu as below



Step 11. Do not power off your n3ds,  insert the gateway red card to the n3ds, and press “start” button to select games

P1020157 P1020187   P1030049 P1030050

Step 11. Enjoy the homebrew 3ds games!