How to update gateway 3ds emunand firmware to 8.1 when 9.0 not booting

Several days ago, Nintendo released the newest system firmware v 9.0.0-20 for Nintendo 3DS and 3DS XL console. It has been confirmed that the new update 9.x isn’t compatible with gateway 3ds,  and many users have already notified gateway 3ds team that EmuNand is unavailable for them at the momen, they won’t be playing the super smash brothers until the next gateway 3ds firmware update now. Actually, 3ds owners can play smash bros online or offline even after nintendo 9.x update. This useful guide will show you how to gateway 3ds emunand firmware to 8.1 when gateway 3ds emunand 9.0 it not booting. is the best and most reputable site to buy gateway 3ds in the US.

1.Choose a rom with the firmware you need, you can check the rom’s firmware here: Today we will use smash brothers as an example to update gateway 3ds emunand firmware to 8.1. It should be noted that the chosen rom should be the same region as your 3DS console( for example:  American version 3DS = American version rom)
2.Be sure to disable the Wi-Fi with the switch on the right side of your 3DS
3.As you can see, the 3ds system firwmare is ver.4.2.0-9U

Step 1. Download the latest gateway 3ds 2.3b kernel from here. Unzip the compressed kernel file, after done, double click “Blue Card (R4i)”, copy and paste all the contents to the root of micorsd card, and insert the microsd card to the gateway 3ds blue card.

P1020193 IMG_1216

Step 2. Click the gateway 3ds blue card icon, press button A to continue, select your console region and press A to back to the home menu after compeled.


Step 3. Remove the gateway 3ds blue card from console, download the smash bros rom, and put it to the root of the microsd card, insert the microsd card to gateway 3ds red card. And insert the gateway 3ds red card to 3ds console.


Step 4. Copy the launcher.dat file to the SD card, insert the SD card to the 3DS, go to system settings → other settings→profile , before clicking on “Nintendo DS Profile” to launch the emunand, press and hold “up” on the D-PAD and keep holding it until the emunand is loaded.


Step 5. Press “select” button to choose and launch the smash bros. Try to start the game, and it will prompt you to upgrade the system firmware, accept it.
IMG_1233 IMG_1234 IMG_1237 IMG_1240 IMG_1241 IMG_1242

Step 6. Once done, it’ll bring you back to the System Nand, which will still be in 4.x. Launch the emunand again, and check in the settings, you should be in GW3D 8.1.x
IMG_1243 IMG_1245