[GW3DS 3.0]How to Succesfully Downgrade your 3DS Firmware?

With the release of GW3DS ultra 3.0 beta, Gateway 3ds has become the best Nintendo 3ds flash card on the market. On Gateway 3ds you can play all 3ds roms to date in any region 3ds/3dsxl/2ds consoles on firmware v4.1-9.2. For users on firmware 4.6 or above, you can now trigger the gateway boot method by launching the web browser and visiting the gateway site, you can also downgrade your 3ds firwmare to v4.1-v4.5 and boot into gateway mode by using your gateway blue card. and this is a detailed tutorial on how to downgrade your 3DS firmware.

Gateway 3ds latest 3.0.1 launcher file
SD Card
N3DS/3DSXL (firmware v4.6-v9.2)

Please back up your sysnand first, so you can recover your system firmware later.
Please do not upgrade your system to the latest 9.3 or 9.4 system, or your gateway 3ds cart will be blocked.

Step 1. Download the latest gateway 3ds ultra 3.0.1 beta from here. And copy the launcher.dat file onto the SD card (internal to your 3DS/3DSLX console).

gateway 3.0.1
gateway 3ds 3.0.1

Step 2. Insert the SD card to your N3DS,and turn on your 3DS Console. Enter your web browser, clicl URL,  type in http://go.gateway-3ds.com and click “Confirm”. Wait about 2-3 second.

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Step 3. Turn off your wifi when you see the gateway 3ds new sky dragon menu. Go to “System Backup Nand” and backup the SysNAND to yourSD card, you can save the sysnand file on your computer.

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Step 4. Go to “Downgrade console” and press “A”

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Step 5. And now your system firmware is ver4.2.0 and you can boot your gateway 3ds flashcart with the blue ds cart.

gateway 3ds tutorial