Beginner’s Tutorial: How to play ds games on gateway 3ds?

The Gateway 3ds is the first commercial 3ds game capable flashcart released since the launch of the 3DS. It is currently the most reputable and best 3ds flashcart in the market, gateway 3ds is recommended over the other 3ds flashcarts because it’s more powerful and has quicker support. This beginner’s tutorial will show you how to play ds games with the gateway 3ds bundled blue card.

Things You Will Need
Nintendo 3DS Handheld
Gateway 3DS Blue DS Card
MicroSD Card
MicroSD Card Reader


Step 1.Acquire the gateway 3ds flashcart from their reliable official reseller And download the latest omega v2.6 firmware for the gateway 3ds cart from here. Unzip the v2.6 firmware and find folder “Blue Card (R4i)”

Step 2. Connect the microSD card to your PC with the microsd card reader. Format your microsd card. Copy and paste all the contents from “Blue Card (R4i)” to the root of your mircrosd card, and put the ds games on it too.


Step 3. Safely remove your microsd card, insert the microsd card into your gateway 3ds bundled blue ds card, and insert the gateway 3ds blue card to the n3ds handheld game slot

P1020151 P1020193

Step 4. Power on N3DS console, click the gateway blue card icon and go to the gateway menu, click “microsd card” and select the games

P1030052 P1030053

Step 5. Done. Enjoy your favorite games